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BarcelonaTicketsInternational.com is a Swedish-owned company with offices in Sweden, Copenhagen, Barcelona and a call centre in London. BarcelonaTicketsInternational.com mission is to help people ireceive the latest information i and the best tickets to attractions, Flamenco shows, sightseeing and fine dining within Barcelona in a quick, secure and trouble-free way. Thanks to our local deals and connections we always offer competitive prices to sought after events that may be sold out in Barcelona. As our client we guarantee that you can purchase your tickets safely in a secure environment, and we will do our very best to make your stay in Barcelona a memorable one

A Business ideal driven by passion and interest

The man behind BarcelonaTicketsInternational.com, Mr. Marcus Moeschlin has a passion for football, musicals, concerts, and all kinds of events. Even as a young 18 year old ,he organized tours to rock concerts all around Sweden. His career has always been focused on offering people great events and international experiences to competitive prices. Marcus is also one of the first digital pioneers in this field, as in 1990 he helped create Global Tickets, a unique network, where 22 countries bought and sold international event tickets electronically between each other. Back in 1990 the competitors still used fax, telex and phones. For this pioneering work Global Tickets received "The Queen´s Award" in 1992 for the best export idea. As you can seet there are many years of experience behind BarcelonaTicketsInternational.com, with offices in Sweden, Denmark, and a call center in London and Copenhagen, which all together makes BarcelonaTicketsInternational.com a local company with global networks and ambitions.

Marcus Moeschlin


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